Are you Hank Marvin?

March 1, 2010 by

Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin

UK Rolling Stone

UK Rolling Stone

Are you Hank Marvin?  Probably not…

If someone says, “I’m Hank Marvin!” isn’t his or her name.  It really means that person is very hungry.  For example, “What do you want to eat for dinner? I’m Hank Marvin!” This is an example of London’s rhyming slang – Hank Marvin rhymes with starvin’, which means hungry.


[Paris, France] Macaroon, Julien Patisserie, and Food Arts

February 24, 2010 by
Paris Boulangerie, French Pastry

Paris Julien Patisserie, Boulangerie

Macaron everywhere

Macaron everywhere

Macaroon X Snoopy

Macaroon X Charlie Brown Cafe

It’s  almost certain that French is the goddess and artist of food arts, particularly with the creation and making of their pastry.  Dessert is certainly a big part of French food culture.  The colorful macaroon is like the color palette of some good paintings and it has inspired many good cross over designs and art pieces…  not only it’s a treat to the taste palate but a great sweet ‘eye candy’…

[France X Tokyo] macaron haute couture

February 23, 2010 by
macaron from Fauchon and q-pot

FAUCHON X Q-pot Crossover Design

Macaron is like an art form of its own with the colorful palette- a real eye-candy, serving more than the joy of our palate.

Being in Paris provides an experience to truly immerse in the culture and  the art of french pastry. Initially, it feels very different and strange see the salesman behind the counter of some pastry shops in a high-end department stores dressing up like selling jewelry. But I think that Fauchon, Pierre Hermé, Ladurée and other brands might even have such high status.

QPot - macaron mobile strap

QPot - macaron mobile strap

The macarons are gaining popularity as pastries in modern time and also become trendy icons and are featured on many fashion items such as t-shirts but most notably made into macaron-shaped pendants, earrings or rings that are all the rage in some French and Japanese cities among girls and women alike.

We’d love to do some cross-over design and collaborations between macaron and another medium.

You may check a few posts by 8tokyo on the collaborations by Japanese clothing label Fauchon and q-pot, Pierre Hermé and lipton (the later one didn’t seem to go well together from design perspective but certainly fine as a combination of food & drink).

[Paris, France] Photo-taking tips

February 22, 2010 by

Paris, Chocolate Shop

Paris has many nice shops and galleries with great designs and arts (even with food :-). Most don’t have “no picture” sign but as a courtesy and to avoid being told “pas de photo s’il vous plaît”, just ask politely, they’d be happy and see it as a compliment.

Paris Design shops pictures:

Languages and the Olympics (Vancouver 2010 or London 2012)?

February 18, 2010 by

Yes, languages and Olympics go hand-in-hand – how?

Vancouver 2010

Just came across a great post (by The National Centre for Languages, UK) in regards to the value and importance of languages to the success of the Games (London 2012 and with great relevant to the undergoing Vancouver 2010 ).  It’s so true that language skills not only is critical to the execution and smooth running of the event and help bridge the communicate gap for people from around the world gathering in one place where the Games and actions are but also dramatically improve the experience and appreciation of the diversity, Games spirit, city and culture.

Vancouver 2010It’s refreshing to see that the British and London officials place great emphasis and recognizing the multilingualism in their planning and preparing for the Games 2012, even though English is statistically considered as the most commonly-spoken language in the world.  They see that language capability as a way to boost the tourism and enhance “global brand position” – so languages are a game changing secret tool for the British  now so-to-speak 😉

Not only the British government see language capability (in communicating with visitors in their own languages) as a vital way to leave lasting legacy of a thriving, innovative tourism industry but also plays a critical in the Arts and in making the Games a truly global celebration.

We can’t agree more.  That’s truly in line with LangLearner’s aspiration and mission in helping and contributing to the language learning for traveling, cultural exchange and much more.  It’s what we do and think about day and night (even while we sleep 🙂

So, prepare yourself for a great experience, conversation and company with people from around world at the Games by learning  a few new languages now.


p.s. Leave you with an interesting abstract image…  so glad to see Canada hosting such big event. Go Go Go.

Vancouver 2010