“no where in particular”


I was in SF and wandering around.  There wasn’t a particular place I had in mind – neither a set itinerary nor goal.  I saw a stop for the famous cable car.  Without thinking too much, I just joined the line, luckily a short one.  The cable car took me to Fisherman Wharf, and I saw this open roof street car.  I thought to myself, that was pretty cool.  Without knowing exactly where it’s going, I hopped on.  The driver asked me where I was going.  I told him nowhere in particular.  It’s true, I just thought I could just take the same street car back to where it started.  After all, sometimes a good way to see the city is by local transportations.  The street car passed by some interesting places and some not so interesting ones.  Then it ended in the famous “rainbow” district – I didn’t get off since I wasn’t really interested in the “scene”.   There goes the journey…


Not having an itinerary is a bit unlike me.   In the past, I would try to be efficient / disciplined.  I would read travel books, plan for  the trip and places to visit.  These days, I would get on the plane, read the book causally to find out about the area I’d be staying.  Afterward, I would wander around and hope for surprises.  This time, taking it to the extreme, I didn’t book a hotel and arrived at the airport 15 mins before the original departure, yet i managed to get on the plane.  Then, there was a little pleasant surprise – the other two seats were empty, I got to keep the whole row of three seats to myself. 


So…..  what’s so interesting about this.. well, here is one: the moniker or the sign of the street car is “NOWHERE IN PARTICULAR” – see the pic.  I didn’t see that until after a while as it’s cruising along… 


ironically,  life in the past year was somewhat like that.  Perhaps I got stuck with some of the things in the past and didn’t even realize that.  Perhaps it’s better to just let go and move on to start a new journey.  Hope there is a “place” for me somewhere somehow.


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