how do you like mondays?


How do you like Mondays?  If you are happy and feel good about it, we’d love to hear from you and share with us your happiness.  Meanwhile, I believe some of us would feel tired getting up for work or school Monday morning, even though the weather is wonderful.  So people suffer the Monday blues, Monday sickness, however you call it.

To some people, work isn’t too much fun, so starting the first day of work week after a lazy weekend wouldn’t that great.  Once you get into the rhythm, your mind and body is back to the routine and your memory of the relaxing weekend starts fading out.  So why can’t good time last longer?  why can’t we have a weekend continuum and feel good about Mondays then…

Since there isn’t really good medicine to cure this in a healthy way, timmi jr. will take on the challenge and go on the quest of beating away the Monday blues in a fun and creative way and make mondays happy days.

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