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future mehave you ever wondered what and how the future you is?  we probably have a vision or dream of your future.  but sometimes, when you got lost and uncertain about the future, it’d be both stressful and confusing…  that probably happens to us once in a while if not often. 

i can’t imagine that time goes by so fast – it’s been a few months since 2/29 when i wrote the FutureMe an email… today 5/29, i got my email.  in retrospect, today feels much sunnier.  i miss some of things in the past but i do look forward to the next 3 months and more to come.  i’m glad that i’ve found myself the right directions.  i hope the next 3 months would be creative, productive and fruitful

if you haven’t heard of futureme.org, i would recommend you give it a try.  they provide the service that you can write the FutureYou an email and set a future date to send it (with a minimum of 3-months to avoid spam and abuse).  some set it to send 10 years later, so we have a retrospective what our thoughts were 10 years ago.  

it’s quite a simple but creative and elegant idea – an example of great “soft innovation”.  one of the guys was a good “printer room” buddy of mine (inside joke)… hope he is doing well, and continue to be creative and be remarkable.  i should give him a hola or send the FutureHim an email.

anyway, enough said.  you will feel it, get it when you try it.


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