wun ying collection

wun ying collection
wun ying collection

wun ying means flies in chinese.  it’s a collection of artwork by a HK local artist, carrie chau.  having been traveling around these days, there are a lot of interesting things to see and discover, yet nothing exceptionally inspiring and surprising.  then i came across wun ying collection.  without knowing the background or seeing the artwork before, it’s refreshing to see the distinctive style in her artwork.  her drawings and paintings seem to reveal the artist thought and perspectives of the social issues and current event in a comical and imaginative manner.  it feels special and distinctive because it doesn’t follow the standard universal comic characters style found in japan or asia.   it’s a lot of subtle, dark but delightful.  it reminds me some of the artwork and drawings seen and found in Paris.


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4 Responses to “wun ying collection”

  1. Jasmine Fang Says:

    hi, i am Jasmine Fang, a student from an arts school frm Singapore(NAFA-fine arts), and would like to know how may i contact the artist, carrie chau, herself, as i would like to ask her a couple of questions regarding her latest exhibition in 2008, for an artist reference for my school project.

  2. pat Says:

    Where can I buy carrie chau work online?

    • timmijr Says:

      I think Carrie Chau is mostly available in HK only. There are a few shops such as LCX (TST and Causeway Bay) and in a home decor shop called Homeless in Soho, Causeway and Shatin. I’ve seen her items in other shops/locations too (such as the bookstore next to IFC Theater) Check them out.

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