mooncake festival

mooncake inspired design

mooncake inspired design

This is the first blog in 2 months – what a shame. It was somewhat busy – traveling and stuff; we are slowly settling down and should get better posting more frequently again.

This weekend is mid-autumn festival. People in Hong Kong/China and maybe other of Asia celebrate for the this festival which i sometimes call it the mooncake festival since many eat the special-made sweet delicacy (note aside: this is probably a Chinese festival but other Asian countries might also celebrate as well). Regarding the graphic, it’s supposed to be a design for a purpose. Despite that, can you tell what the circles are all about? um.. let me know what you think, i’ll add my creative statement later; No it’s not mooncake, c’mon.

mooncake art

mooncake art

In any case, this is one of the few designs i came up with but i think it will remain in the “private” collection – or i’ll need to refine it even though i was originally pretty excited about the initial conception but am not so happy how it turns out… that’s part of the iterative design process I guess; There are a few designs; instead of the last piece, the third one turns out to be the best after all, so we decided to go with it – more on it later.

Happy mooncake festival!


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