Xanga/LangLearner Giveaway: Win a Trip Around the World!


Came across the following, check it out:


Ireallylikefood and Xanga have parterned with LangLearner on their Cultural Smarts Contest.

How culturally smart are you? Have you ever been told that you’re using the wrong utensil for a particular entree? Or you’re not supposed to walk into a certain area with shoes on? Ever found yourself in other situations where you had to learn about certain cultural customs (maybe even the hard way)?

Tell them and you may win ticket around-the-world!

We believe traveling offers lifetime experiences. Mastering a language and keeping abreast of cultural sensitivity can significantly enhance the overall experience. As a result, travelers can better immerse themselves in the culture, the social life, and the food.

We are looking for lessons and tips based on your travels and cross-cultural experiences.

Enter the contest: LangLearner Cultural Smarts Contest

The submission period is:
Feb 1, 2010 – May 31, 2010.

Top ten finalists will be chosen by us and then voted by our readers, the LangLearner team and contest organizers. Judging will be based on the entry’s uniqueness, practicality, and intrinsic value to a world traveler. Rankings of the top ten will be announced on or about June 5, 2010 and public scoring will close June 30, 2010. The best submissions will be featured on IRLF.

Prizes (woohoo):

  • One 1st prize winner: One around-the-world travel ticket.
  • Two 2nd prize winners: 1 Apple iPod Touch with LangLearner Mobile Application.
  • Three 3rd prize winners: 1-year LangLearner subscription.
  • Four 4th prize winners: 3-month LangLearner subscription.

P.S. Many will enter to win, however only 10 entrants will be Winners.
P.S.S. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received and votes cast by visitors.

Head over to LangLearner and enter the contest!

Organized by:


Reference: http://www.ireallylikefood.com/721924966/giveaway-win-a-trip-around-the-world/?page=1&jump=1508685481&leftcmt=1#1508685481


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