Happy Monday! Certainly, we’d like you to be happy everyday and more so on the Mondays. Our first and very goal is to help everyone beat the Monday blues since Monday is the beginning of the week (at least to many of us). It’s good to your body and soul to feel alive and joy like in the Christmas, New Year and birthday. After-all, life is short literally and there are only countable Mondays. Why delay the pleasure to only once a year? Professionally, feeling good is a productivity booster – good to your boss. It’d be mission accomplished if you all say “thank god it’s Monday!” Did you just say that? 😀

The Happy Monday Initiative or Movement aims to do just that, to be the energy drink of your week. This project is all about you. After all, the product is what the customer thinks it is and what we think has little to do with that even though we do have some good ideas and thoughts to share. We hope to create some happy bubbly conversations among you.

timmi jr. is interested in design+media projects which explore different media and expressive form for design. We hope to help people feel better and improve your day with some fun and joy.

We don’t want to give away too much detail. We’ll surprise with some fun. Stay tuned.

Check and chat often on our blog or our home.

Happily yours,
timmi jr.


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