How is your day? Hope you have a happy Monday and crave for it on each Sunday. We set out to help make your ordinary life remarkable (and your remarkable extra-remarkable).

Why do we do that then? We are just ordinary people and were in your positions (and the familiar cubicle, work desk) not long ago. Even though we never feel dramatically sad or depressing about Mondays, as a matter of the fact, nor any of the work days school days during the week. No, we aren’t workaholic, yet daily work and life isn’t always remarkable, don’t you think so? Not so extreme and rather common, most people could only have brief moment of excitement about Friday and suffer the Sunday syndrome and Monday blues. If you’re into statistics or the analytical type, let us show you some data later :D.

Life is short but could be as good as it gets, if you choose to. In the midst of hectic life, sometimes it takes a little or a big personal tragedy and traumatic experience like loss of loved ones, an accident, or illness for us give life a fresh perspective. After being through all that, we know it would be worth our while to jump out of the boundary and not to settle for the ordinary.

More surprises to come. Check and chat often on our blog or our home.

Happy Monday,
timmi jr.


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