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To family and friends…

September 12, 2008
mid-autumn - childhood memory
mid-autumn – rabbit lantern – childhood memory

The initial idea of this blog was to capture the design works, progress and little and big things we observed and come across. In general, the focus is on design. Over time, there is a second thought. Regardless the nature of our work, be it design, art, science, music, etc, is the result and the synthesis of an individual or collective mind, experience, relationships, and finally knowledge. We are who we are primarily influenced by the people we relate to and interact with. It’d make sense to dedicate some time and space to the people whom we cherish for and everyday life we enjoy.

However, as we grew up, it’s hard to say every little things and thought to your friends and family due to lack of time, mental space, or physical distance even though technology such as email has made it much easier. Sometimes, it’s just easier to express; record it and let it be. Hope one day the letters will find its way to those that the letters belong to in this cyberspace.