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[France X Tokyo] macaron haute couture

February 23, 2010
macaron from Fauchon and q-pot

FAUCHON X Q-pot Crossover Design

Macaron is like an art form of its own with the colorful palette- a real eye-candy, serving more than the joy of our palate.

Being in Paris provides an experience to truly immerse in the culture and  the art of french pastry. Initially, it feels very different and strange see the salesman behind the counter of some pastry shops in a high-end department stores dressing up like selling jewelry. But I think that Fauchon, Pierre Hermé, Ladurée and other brands might even have such high status.

QPot - macaron mobile strap

QPot - macaron mobile strap

The macarons are gaining popularity as pastries in modern time and also become trendy icons and are featured on many fashion items such as t-shirts but most notably made into macaron-shaped pendants, earrings or rings that are all the rage in some French and Japanese cities among girls and women alike.

We’d love to do some cross-over design and collaborations between macaron and another medium.

You may check a few posts by 8tokyo on the collaborations by Japanese clothing label Fauchon and q-pot, Pierre Hermé and lipton (the later one didn’t seem to go well together from design perspective but certainly fine as a combination of food & drink).


delicious design

June 25, 2008

macaron from Fauchon and q-pot

It’s been almost three weeks since my last post.  It’s because I have been on the road traveling.  I haven’t got the chance to update the blog and the site.  Traveling is a great way to get inspiration for design and ideas.  Stay tuned, more design and update to come.

Since last post is about cross-over design and macaron, I’d like to show you my latest discovery during the trip.  Similar to the macaron-shaped pendants, I found some very nice dessert and bakery shaped pendants – yum!  Those in the pictures are some of good quality and well-made.  Although they aren’t completely handmade, they still involve some skilled handcraft work.