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lesportsac weekender design

September 19, 2008
dreaming away under full moon

dreaming away under full moon

As per chat on Sunday, life has been hectic.  Part of the reason for creating a number of designs with the theme of mooncake festival wato design a lesportsac weekwith the theme of HK.

Here is the creative statement:

Full moon and clear sky give a warm and touching feeling that calms you down and makes you feel loved (by friends, family or special someone).   Hong Kong is well known for the city of light with beautiful illuminating skyline at night.  Yet, no matter how

weekender design - dreaming away under full moon

weekender design - dreaming away under full moon

amazing the artificial and ambient light arrangement that one can create, that still give way to the spontanenous natural beauty of moonlight – which is like a big street lamp brightening life and the dark corners in the city. 

I’m particularly fond of the mid-autumn festival when friends and family get together and celebrate for the fullness of life as the full moon brings.  In the city of concrete forest, high-rises stretch skyline out into space where the moon appears even higher.  The design portraits the happiness of family and friends gathering under the full moon where most would go out, look up the sky and dream away.  In the culture of text messaging in Hong Kong, the facial expressions are playfully illustrated using font types and emoticons.


the beginning

April 18, 2008

the beginning

Today’s pre-alpha of timmi jr. (what’s the word or number before alpha?)

what or who is timmi jr. afterall?

It’s a name… and it’s a journey and it’s an incarnation of someone who strives for the incredible.

um… this still sounds incredibly abstract, are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

well, maybe, maybe not. like all things else, if i could know the definite of something or everything, i wouldn’t be me.

timmi jr. is a design+media project as part of open-creations was started in the fall of 2005 and will be continued in 2008.