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mooncake festival

September 12, 2008
mooncake inspired design

mooncake inspired design

This is the first blog in 2 months – what a shame. It was somewhat busy – traveling and stuff; we are slowly settling down and should get better posting more frequently again.

This weekend is mid-autumn festival. People in Hong Kong/China and maybe other of Asia celebrate for the this festival which i sometimes call it the mooncake festival since many eat the special-made sweet delicacy (note aside: this is probably a Chinese festival but other Asian countries might also celebrate as well). Regarding the graphic, it’s supposed to be a design for a purpose. Despite that, can you tell what the circles are all about? um.. let me know what you think, i’ll add my creative statement later; No it’s not mooncake, c’mon.

mooncake art

mooncake art

In any case, this is one of the few designs i came up with but i think it will remain in the “private” collection – or i’ll need to refine it even though i was originally pretty excited about the initial conception but am not so happy how it turns out… that’s part of the iterative design process I guess; There are a few designs; instead of the last piece, the third one turns out to be the best after all, so we decided to go with it – more on it later.

Happy mooncake festival!


design journey – graffeetee

May 1, 2008
still working hard… nothing extraordinarily exciting this day per se, though quite fulfilling to be able to think creatively, read freely, design without boundary.
so, now what, ever stumble upon something interesting in a design journey?  once in a while: graffeetee – traveling graffiti project (blog)