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lehman brothers vs. hundertwasser

September 16, 2008
hundertwasser painting

hundertwasser painting

um… why would lehman brothers be related or relevant to hundertwasser?  in fact, they aren’t comparable and belong to completely different domain.  so why mentioning both in one entry?  initially, i wanted to write about hundertwasser since i came across his art work and book again recently.   i’m always aspired by the imaginative, impressionist architectural design.

however, after hearing the news about the fall of lehman brothers, one of the world’s top investment banks, i got a mixed feeling about it.  i feel like ignorant and lucky at the same time.  in fact, the news would be relevant and make somewhat a big impact on my previous life before i made the change.  however, i felt indifferent as if i were immune from the world’s economy decline, while most people i know or around me expressed concerns and worries.  the truth is that the ripple effect will wriggle down to the micro-level and affect average citizens.  the analytical side of me led me into thinking about the situation further.  however, i feel lucky in a sense that i don’t feel the immediate impact.  although it’s true that no matters what we do, the declining economy will affect everyone on micro level.  yet, working in design seems to see things differently.  it’d be beneficiary to maintain a neutral mindset.  as i once read john maeda mentioned in his book or blog, he deliberately avoid reading news as those could very be noise and prevent one to have clear mind and focus on design (more on john maeda next time).

hundertwasser architecture

hundertwasser architecture

on to hundertwasser….
i first encounter the art of the master in Vienna, Austria during a trip in Europe.  I immediately fell for the liberating free-form building designs.  To some, the shapes and designs appear to be irregular; yet the non-conventional and non-rectangular shapes of building and interior are in fact inspired by the nature – the trees, flowers, colors, sky, and so on.  I’m particularly inspired by his keen eyes and amazing work in combining basic graphic forms and colors into architecture.  To him, if one loves architecture, what’s true of people is true for buildings.

Hundertwasser contends that ruler-drawn straight lines make people sick because, not occurring in nature, they incessantly subject people o an irritation for which the organism is unprepared.  In modern city, the insult of the straight line is relentless, and capable to the assault of chemical carcinogens,  of pollutants that cause fearful diseases.

At a basic level, Hundertwasser is well aware that “We are made up of cells, organically built up into humans.  So when these seeing cells perceive something that is alien to them, alien to organic forms, they transmit an alarm signal to the brain.”

let’s keep up the spirit of art and design and maintain a peace of mine to get through this down or upcoming downturn period.  Before sunrise there is dawn.