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yayoi kusama – dots and simplicity

September 22, 2008

 what an extraordinary form of art and design with the simple and basic form of dots but amazing mix of colors and composition.  Perhaps, I’m not the latest who discovered the brillant work of Japanese female artist, Yayoi kusama.  Her obsession toward dots result in art that leave distinctive impression on you.

Her works exemplify how such some simple dots produce bold art.  Yet, her keen eyes color combination and sophisticated design made her art not so simple.   Essentially, this is the secret and nuances of achieving simplicity.  John Maeda, an advocate in simplicity quoted MUJI’s philosophy; simplicity is achieved through a complexity of thought and design.  Yayoi Kusama’s art is playful, eye pleasing candy with added dimension that take you into a world of imagination like a kelidoscope.  

What a Dots Master!